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FCCPC to begin TV series against underage smoking

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The Federal Consumer and Competition Protection Commission (FCCPC) has revealed plans to launch a TV series advocating against youth and underage smoking.

Dr. Adamu Abdullahi, the acting Executive Chairman, announced the upcoming TV series during a visit in Abuja.

The series will air for a year on DSTV, aiming to secure the future of Nigerian youths and children by addressing substance abuse, including alcohol and tobacco.

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Abdullahi emphasized the importance of the commission’s advocacy campaign, “They Don’t Ban Their Future,” which has gained international recognition for its impact in promoting behavioral change.

He criticized adults who involve children in smoking, highlighting the negative influence it has on young individuals.

The FCCPC will extend its campaign to tertiary institutions, secondary schools, marketplaces, and other settings to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and the government’s efforts to address related health issues.

Additionally, the commission plans to introduce telephone lines for smokers seeking advice on quitting smoking.

Omeiza Ajayi, from the Vanguard Against Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Centre, praised FCCPC’s initiative in combating tobacco smoking.

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