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Downpour prompts farmers in Dutse to kick off planting season

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The news report mentions that farmers in parts of Dutse Local Government area of Jigawa have begun planting their crops after heavy rainfall.

The farmers were observed tilling and planting various crops on their farms following a significant downpour.

They had previously prepared their land by clearing it and applying local manure.

Agricultural productivity and labor: Evidence and open questions for  researchers | The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab

It’s noted that the farmers, like Malam Amadu Abubakar, were planting crops such as groundnut, millet, and sorghum.

The increased rainfall in the area motivated farmers like Hussain Abdulkadir Hussaini and Malam Shahudi Garba to start planting.

While some farmers were already ahead in planting, others like Bashir Ahmad and Malam Ilyasu Muhammad were waiting for bull cart owners to till their land before planting.

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